Appraisal report

After a free appraisal at our location in IJsselstein, you can choose to have an official appraisal report drawn up. This is sometimes necessary due to family matters or because of insurance. At your request, our appraisers record the determined value in a appraisal report. Unlike the appraisals themselves – which are always free with us – there are some costs associated with drawing up such a report: 250 euros including VAT.

Our appraisal reports comply with the regulations of the Dutch insurance companies. We are a member of the Federatie van Taxateurs, Makelaars en Veilinghouders and the Hobéon certification agency.

To be completely sure of coverage with by your insurance policy, we recommend that you submit the report to the insurer. Ask the company to record on paper that they agree with the valuation report. This prevents discussions and disappointments on the hindsight. Another tip: take pictures of your insured object(s). By taking these measures you can better ensure that your object(s) are actually insured. 

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