Buying at Heritage Auctions Europe

Visiting an auction is exciting and fun, and we warmly invite you to attend one of our auctions here at Heritage Auctions Europe. You can easily participate in the auctions through our online system or come to our auction house in IJsselstein in person. 
Heritage Auctions Europe organizes six auctions per year, in three different categories:
1. Coins, tokens, banknotes and awards;
2. Gold and silver jewelry and objects, art, curiosities, collectibles and militaria;
3. Stamps, postcards and related matters.

In the calendar you can see exactly when the auctions take place. We hope to welcome you soon as a customer at one of our auctions!
To fully enjoy your experience, it is important to know how an auction works. Below you will find the necessary information about bidding in one of our auctions.

Upcoming auctions

Stamps and Postcards June 2024

Jun 28 2024 - Jun 29 2024
Consignments closed

Art, Collectibles, Jewelry and TCG September 2024

Sep 4 2024 - Sep 7 2024
Consign until Jun 28 2024

Militaria October 2024

Oct 3 2024 - Oct 5 2024
Consign until Jul 26 2024

Coins, Currency and Medals November 2024

Nov 11 2024 - Nov 16 2024
Consign until Aug 30 2024

Full agenda

Bidding, how it works


A successful purchase starts with good preparation. Three weeks before the auction, we publish our richly illustrated catalog featuring all lots that will be auctioned.

You can view the published catalogs on our website when you are logged in to your personal account. Would you like to receive the catalog by post or e-mail? Please contact us directly (

Public viewing days/ requesting a condition report

After your eye has fallen on an object or collection, you may want to take a closer look. This is possible during our viewing days (also known as inspection days). These take place one to two weeks before an auction. You will find the exact dates in our viewing day schedule.

If you prefer not to or cannot come by, you can also ask for a condition report. Call (030-6063944) or email us ( to request a condition report.

Online (prebid)

You can choose to place a bid in advance of the auction via our online bidding module. In this bidding module you will find all lots and their starting bids. About three weeks before an auction, the online bidding module opens and you can place your prebid. You can do this by creating an account, logging into your account and going to the lot(s) of your choice. Here you have the option to enter your bid and confirm it. 

As soon as another bidder makes a higher bid than yours, you will receive a notification through email. This allows you to bid again if you desire to do so. You can place your prebids up to one day before the start of the live auction. Next to each lot you will find a timer that indicates when exactly the 'prebid' for that lot closes.

The amount that you bid in the prebid is a maximum bid that will be used as long as someone else also bids. This bid is not visible to other bidders. So it may be the case that you are bidding 100 euros on a lot in the prebid and no one else is bidding more than 40 euros. In that case the lot is yours for only 45 euros.

Bidding during an auction

There are several ways that you can place a bid during one of our auctions. In short: online, at the auction house, by phone, by e-mail or by post,

  • Online bidding during the auction

The easiest way to place a bid is through our online bidding module. You can easily create an account for this in only a few minutes. After approval you will receive an email with the login details. With your username -that is your administration number- and your password you have access to your account. It can take up to a day before your request is approved and you receive this information in your mailbox. So don't forget to create an account in time!

Note: When you are logged in, you must register via the 'Bid Live' button to bid live during an auction. This applies every time you want to bid live at an auction. After you register to bid live, you will receive an email from us with a bid number and a standard bidding limit. If you expect to bid higher than this limit, please contact us to increase this limit. 

  • Bidding in the auction room

If you want to experience an auction in the traditional way, we recommend that you come to our auction house. Our auctions take place in our spacious auction room in IJsselstein. Consult our auction calendar for the exact dates of the auction. You do not need to make an appointment for to come to the auction.

On the day of the auction, before you enter the auction room, you will receive a bid number from us. This allows you to bid on the lots you want. Please do not feel obligated to attend the auction from start to finish. You can come and leave the auction hall whenever you want and only visit the hall when 'your' lots come under the hammer. You can take the lots you buy home immediately after payment. 

  • Bidding by phone, email or post

Online bidding is preferred because it is direct and clear, but placing bids over the phone, e-mail or by post is also allowed.

If you would like to bid by telephone during the auction, we ask that you inform us in advance. You will be called by one of our employees when your lot is being auctioned. 

If you want to make a written bid, you can use a bid form. On our website you can download the Word file or PDF file of the form. You can also fill in the bidding form enclosed with the catalog and send it to us by post, hand it over to one of our colleagues during the public viewing days, or scan it and send it by e-mail to Keep in mind that in the case of equal bids, the first bid received will count.

Closing of the sale and picking up your lots

If you are present at the auction in IJsselstein, you can immediately collect the lots you have purchased after payment. If you place the highest bid online, by e-mail or by phone, you can pick up your objects at our location in IJsselstein. This is possible on the auction day itself, but also later. If you are the highest bidder, you will receive an invoice by email on Saturday evening after the auction. It is also possible that we will send your purchases to you, for which we will have to charge shipping costs. 

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