Selling through Heritage Auctions

If you own antique coins, silverware, golden jewelry or any type of collectibles that you no longer use, it is usually advised to have these auctioned. We are happy to help you with this!

You can schedule a free consultation at our office in IJsselstein or drop by without an appointment during one of our valuation days. If it is not possible for you to visit our office in IJsselstein, please get in touch for alternative ways to consign your items.  

Phone: 02-2040140 / Mail: 

We look forward to hearing from you! 

Why auction your collector's items?

Auctioning your collector's items offers great advantages. By putting your items up for sale through an auction at Heritage, you reach the most collectors and enthusiasts in your collection category. We are the largest auction house in collectibles with 1.3 million registered users worldwide.  

In addition, Heritage Auctions Europe's experts have the knowledge to value your items and guide you through the sales process. Are you wondering whether it is interesting for you to have your collection or pieces auctioned? Contact us and pass by for a free and non-binding consultation.

Upcoming auctions

Full agenda

Free Appraisal

Every Thursday

At our office, Leuvensesteenweg 509, 1930 Zaventem.

Every Thursday from 10:00 till 16:00
Appraisals for coins, stamps, postcards, medals, orders and decorations, banknotes, gold, silver, jewelry, art, curiosities and militaria.

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Auctions, how they work

What type of objects can I consign?

During our auctions your items and collections are offered to a large public of collectors. We organize auctions in three main categories:

(1) Coins, medals, banknotes and awards;
(2) Art, curiosities, jewelry, gold and silver, collectibles and militaria;
(3) Stamps and postcards.

In short, anything of value can be auctioned at Heritage Auctions Europe; from Roman coins, porcelain and gold jewelry to militaria, comics and Pokémon cards!

Valuation and consignment of your pieces

During a free consultation, our experts assess the value of your items or collection (if this has not been done already). You then have the option to directly consign your object(s). You fill out a submission form and from that moment onwards, your objects are insured for the appraised amount. Your objects will be stored at our office and sold during the next auction. 

You are requested to consign your items at least two months before the auction of your choice. We need that time to prepare an auction and to publish your objects in our catalog and online bidding module. You will find the exact consigment deadlines per auction in our calendar.

Auction and processing

Two weeks before an auction you will receive a message with an overview of the items you consigned for the auction. If you want to, you can watch the auction online on our website. The results of the auction will also be published on the website. In addition, you will be notified about your sales three weeks after the auction. The transactions happen six or seven weeks after the auction.

Auctioning outside Europe

You can also have your objects or collections auctioned outside of Europe, for example in the United States or Hong Kong. This can be beneficial, for example because there is more demand from collectors or other interested parties on another continent. Do not hesitate to contact us for advice about the best region to auction your items and collections. We are happy to give you free and non-binding consultations, for example about where you can expect the highest yield.

If you want to submit for one of our auctions outside Europe, we can completely facilitate the process for you. We take care of your submission and handle the logistics, for example. 

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