Marcel Frissen

A 1966 five guilder bill, given to him by his grandfather when he was eight. This is where Marcel Frissen's passion for banknotes and later also coins begins. Marcel shares his passion for collecting with his wife, who is a stamp collector.

For their hobby they visit national and international fairs, during which Marcel Heritage Auctions gets to know Europe. He also travels a lot through Europe for his work – first in the army, later in logistics. He never misses a chance to buy a new coin or note.

When asked by Heritage Auctions to turn his passion for collecting into his profession, he has no doubts. At the beginning of 2020, he starts working at the auction house as an appraiser of banknotes and parceller of banknotes and coins.

As a logistics manager, he also takes care of shipments and insured transport from Europe to the United States. Marcel still likes to travel, preferably on long, lonely roads in unfamiliar areas. Because you never know when you'll make a new find.


Banknotes, model cars, miniatures, movie collectibles


Dutch, English, German


“The strength of Heritage is its broad international network of experts in combination with the reach among customers. We know what something is worth and can offer it where it is most in demand.”


T: +32-(0)2-2040140

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