Tim van Deutekom

Anyone growing up in the naval city of Den Helder runs the risk of becoming infected with the militaria virus there. That happens with Tim van Deutekom. He searches for objects in the dunes with a metal detector and becomes interested in military history.

He also reenacts battles. This hobby becomes his profession when he starts Uniformverhuur.be. This company rents uniforms from Belgium and the Netherlands to the film and television industry. Famous actors such as Colin Firth and Christopher Plummer wear these during their acting work.

During a visit to Heritage Auctions Europe in 2014, Tim mentions that militaria is an interesting auction category, which is missing in the Netherlands. Heritage Auctions Europe fills the gap in the market, with Tim as appraiser. Tim thinks it's fantastic to see the diversity of materials people take with them to appraisals. Think of a unique badge of honor or a rare emblem. 'Treasure hunting' is what keeps him going.

Experience as an appraiser

5 years


Militaria, especially uniforms, awards and medals.


Dutch, English, German


“Militaria is the ideal category for someone with such a thirst for information. I like to delve into military history, of which the Netherlands has a lot. I learn from every submission, every appraisal day.”


T: +32-(0)2-2040140

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