Extract of the conditions of sale

  1. The auction sale occurs by upward bidding in euro. To the hammer price a buyer’s commission will be added of 23% and 2 euro for every bought lot, for our Art and Collectibles the buyer's commission is 25% and €2,00 for every bought lot. When purchased through the LiveBid 3% extra commission fee is added.
  2. Lots are assigned to the highest bidder. In case of two even bids the concerning lot will be assigned to the first received bidsheet. Bidders can submit written bids with the accompanying bidsheet. Please notice: no bids below the starting price will be accepted!
  3. The auction sale takes place with increasing steps as follows: up to 40 euro with 2 or 3 euro, from 40 to 100 euro with 5 euro, from 100 to 300 euro with 10 euro, from 300 to 400 euro with 20 euro, and from 400 to 1000 with 25 euro and above 1000 euro with 50 euro. The auctioneer has the right to deviate from these amounts. Starting prices in the catalogue described as ‘bod’ have a minimum of 5 euro. Bids under the starting price are not accepted.
  4. During and after the auction lots bought can be taken along by the purchaser. This is possible after direct payment (cash or bank) or after permission of the auctioneer to wire the amount within an agreed period. Payment with creditcard is also possible, the auctioneer will charge 5% extra to the invoice due to additional costs. Cheques are not accepted. Every bidder is considered to buy for him- or herself and can never be entitled ‘in-betweens’ without responsibility.
  5. Purchases will not be sent before the invoice is paid in full.  Heritage Auctions Europe takes no responsibilities for bank or wire transfer surcharges (which some banks charge).
  6. A minimum of 30 euro will be charged for shipping costs. Heritage Auctions Europe is free to raise these costs if the actual shipping costs are higher than 30 euro.
  7. Ownership of the lots remains with the seller until payment has been done in full. Buyer’s risk is valid from the moment of knock-down.
  8. All lots are sold as viewed. Authenticity of every single lot (or lots with no more than 2 pieces) is guaranteed.
  9. In case of non-payment within 4 weeks the invoice will be cancelled, unless the Buyer makes other arragements with the auctioneer. All costs resulting from this cancellation will be held in to account to the Buyer.
  10. All disputes during or after the auction are decided by a present supervisor. All parties are subject to his/her pronouncement. Any disputes followed by legal actions will be handled according to the conditions as deposited at the Court of Law in Utrecht under no. 383/1999 (15/11/1999). Only the Dutch text of conditions of sale is in force

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